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​Eco-Friendly Laundromat with Ozone Treatment System

Our eco friendly laundromat now features Ozone!

Ozone, commonly referred to as “Natures’ Sanitizer,” has been proven in numerous tests that in high enough concentrations, ozone is very effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Apart from the sanitizing properties, Ozone also helps to soften linen, it aids in whitening linen, plus it gives that “Clothesline Fresh” smell to your linen. Ozone actually penetrates the fibers of your linen. This is evident in the thicker, fluffier towels that are dried after being ozonated.

This is why Everything Clean Laundromat offers Ozone with every wash. Our ozone treatment system makes your clothes sanitized as well as sanitizing our washing machines at every wash. This ozone laundry service not only makes your clothes clean but also kills 99.9% bacteria on your clothes.

This system also benefits our eco laundry promise. Approximately half the natural gas consumed in the laundry is for heating water. The other half is used in drying the linen. Our ozone system can eliminate 90% or more hot water usage. The ozone helps to release moisture in the dryers, thus creating much faster drying times as well. In most cases, drying time has decreased by 20%. This decrease in drying times also reduces gas consumption in the dryers by up to 20%.

So with our ozone filtration system in place our machines are more efficient - which is better for the environment and beneficial to you.