‚ÄčEverything Clean Laundromat Reviews & Testimonials

Super clean facility, plenty of machines, and convenient pay options from change to credit card via free app. I felt safe and comfortable doing laundry here in spite of COVID.

When I arrived I was impressed with the size of the facility. It had great reviews and I was curious to find out if I would have the same experience. I love doing laundry so it's important to find a good laundromat. I immediately recognized staff that kept busy keeping the place clean. The washers and dryers were clean and new-looking. There was plenty seating and machines for snacks and laundry items.

Place to go do laundry and enjoy the clean environment . Easy ways of paying for the washers and dryers . Super clean and love the music they play

Last year I damaged my washing machine when I was washing my bedding so I will never wash my bedding at home again. I just found out about this place and I absolutely love how clean it is in here and how new all the washers and dryers are!